The Benefits Of The B12 Vitamin

The B12 vitamin is one of the B vitamins necessary to keep the body healthy. The processes of transforming carbohydrates, fats and proteins from food into energy require the B12 vitamin, it is called Cobalamin. B12 vitamin also helps, most importantly, to maintain the health of the red blood cells and thus prevent cardiovascular disease and keep the immune system at its highest level. Furthermore, B12 is used to protect all nerve cells in the body.

B12 is primarily responsible for forming healthy red blood cells. To keep them healthy, all cells need B12. Among other things, it is the white blood cells that need B12 to ensure the proper functioning of the immune system. Even B12 are required to form the protective fatty layer of all nerve cells in our bodies. For all nerves, this is essential, but especially for those in the brain. If B12 is not enough to make this protective layer, the brain will not work correctly.

Interestingly enough, the amount of B12 required by the body is rather small but regularly required. But B12 vitamin alone is not sufficient as the body can’t easily absorb it. The stomach produces an intrinsic factor that allows more than B12 to be absorbed in order to absorb in the body. B12 is only found in animal foods like fish, liver, eggs, and meat, but most people eat more B12 vitamin per day. This is not an issue since only around half the B12 consumed can be absorbed in the body. The body can also recycle B12, which reduces the impact of a deficiency of B12. Strict vegetarian or vegetarian supplements may however require B12 if no animal foods containing B12 are eaten.

Anaemia is the most apparent symptom, if the body doesn’t have enough B12. This is because B12 to produce healthy red blood cells are clearly insufficient. The body can also cause anemia, which does not cause sufficient intrinsic factor to help absorb the B12 available in the food that is consumed. Once a person reaches 50 the body tends to make less intrinsic, resulting in less than B12 absorption and B12 supplements. Children are also at risk of anaemia because they did not eat with B12 foods. Pregnant women need more than B12 because during pregnancy the baby absorbs B12 to proper growth.

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