How To Set A Lock For Android Phone Device?

Do you want to secure your phone while you’re away? Some security measures in Android device can protect your phone privacy. By setting a lock is one way to limit unwanted access to your device. This article will guide you to create a lock on your Android device.

Steps To Set A Lock of Android Phone Device

1.) First of all, just go to the “Settings” menu of your device phone. Some other devices can possible to enter the Settings menu by clicking on the App Settings icon, or by clicking the’ Menu’ button.

how to lock screen android phone
How to lock screen android phone?

2.) Then select the “Security” from the menu under the ‘Personal’ menu option.

android phone lock setting
android phone lock setting

3.) You should choose from the ‘Screen Lock‘ menu option. When selecting the ‘Screen Lock’ menu option, select the kind of security you wish to use.

screen lock password android
screen lock password android

Usually they’re as follows:

Slide Lock. The slide lock is intended to avoid unwanted buttons when the phone is in your bag, pocket, and etc. Slide lock is not the best to protect your phone privacy because everybody can do it to open your phone screen.

Voice Unlock: Setting voice unlocking is good for protection, as the phone can only be unlocked if the allocated words are spoken in a tone while the lock is being set. Voice unlock Pattern Lock or PIN Lock to allow users to unlock their phones even if the device does not accept a voice due to unnecessary noise or changes in speech tone.

Pattern lock: Setting up the pattern lock is means of unlocking using by a saved design pattern by adding four or even more than points.

PIN Lock: You can also try this kind of securing your phone. PIN Lock is a system by which the device can only be unlocked when entering the stored PIN with four digits or more.

Password lock: Password locking is another way to use text, number and symbols to create a password.

Warning! Don’t forget your lock pattern or numbers, otherwise you cannot open and use your device.

4.) Choose one of the optional lock from the menu option (slide, voice, pattern, pin, password). This will lead you to a screen to lock your device.

phone android lock screen settings
phone android lock screen settings

5.) If you choose a lock pattern for example, you must draw your design. Make sure you add four or more points to the pattern, and should not easy to guess.

device android lock screen customization
device android lock screen customization

6.) Then, it will ask you to confirm your design pattern. So, draw the pattern again to confirm your pattern design.

Set A Lock For Android Phone Device
Set A Lock For Android Phone Device

7.) To apply the final setting of pattern lock, select ‘Confirm‘.

When all done, turn off the screen and restart your android phone device to check whether or not the pattern is being applied. I hope you understand the tutorial given above and you can start to secure your android phone privacy. Enjoy!

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