All About Facial Skin Care Routine Steps

Facial skin care is not anything but a matter of discipline. You need a routine for facial skin care (and you need to be serious about following the facial skin care routine). Let’s therefore check what an efficient face-care routine includes. Well, it is quite easy to follow the following four steps to the facial skin treatment routine:

* Moisturising

* toning

* Cleansing


Facial skin care treatment is the first things remedy to prevent your skin from any pollutants, dust, grease and oil, preventing a skin from damage. Just spot your face and throat with a good moisturizing lotion or cream and massage them gently with upward strokes in your skin. Use a tissue of the soft face or cotton wool to smoothly pull your face (do not rub). At least twice a day, that is morning (as part of the entire facial skin care routine) and evening (standalone basis). Facial cleansing should be carried out. Water-soluble cleansers are the best for your face treatment.

The next in the face care routine is toning. This is, however, the optional aspect of skin care. Most of the time, the correct purification can offset the tone. Toning helps remove all traces of dirt, fat and excess cleaner. You may occasionally use toning, i.e. if you are exposed to particularly harsh environment / pollution rather than making it part of your daily facial skin treatment.

Exfoliation is another type of facial skin care optional step in daily routine. At least once a week (or twice, depending on the type of skin and environmental conditions), exfoliation is required. The natural tendency of skin to re-fill skin cells every 3 or 4 week has given Exfoliation its place in facial skin care routine. Exfoliation helps to remove the dead skin cells that block the pores as a technique of facial skin treatment. This helps the skin in its natural process. Excessive or severe exfoliation may, however, cause skin damage, so you have to balance it out.

In facial skin care, the next thing is moisturizing. Moisturizing, in fact, is the main part of facial skin care. Moisturizing impedes the drying of your skin. Dry skin isn’t desirable because it breaks the skin of the upper layer and leads to dead cells of the skin. Increase your moisturizing by using light upwards strokes again. Applies to warm and damp skin, moisturizers work better. Do not attempt, therefore, to remove all moisture from previous cleaning skin care process.

You should also exercise the following for facial skin care, aside from normal facial skin care routine:

– Use sunscreen lotions for sun protection.
– Do not rub too hard your skin.
– When choosing facial skin care products, pay attention to your skin type and environment.
– Use the right Make-up remover. Test it by applying a short patch, e.g. ear lobes, before you begin to use a new skin care product.

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